A Condominium Owners’ Rights Group

Welcome fellow condo owners. Are you frustrated with being kept in the dark, surprised by fee increases and assessments, inconsistent decision making, not being heard and lack of accountability? We understand your concerns.

Our Vision: We aspire to advocate for condo owners’ rights in Massachusetts through the Condominium Owners’ Rights Act. We believe it is time to update the 1963 condominium statute to provide condo owners with the tools they need to resolve issues and protect their rights.

Our Goal: To strengthen the existing condo law to secure individual owners’ rights to information and  access to non-judicial dispute resolution. We are three volunteers together by happenstance who wish to increase our number. We want to work with legislators and others to advance our proposals and protect our homes.


  • Guarantees timely access to association financial information and other documents with deadlines and penalties for non-performance.
  • Requires by-laws to include an internal dispute resolution procedure with deadlines for decisions.
  • Ensures open board meetings with guaranteed owner participation and published minutes.
  • Creates an Ombudsman Office within the Attorney General’s Office for dispute resolution and development of educational materials to assist owners and board members.
  • Permits remote meetings and electronic signatures or consents with encryption and security standards.


If you are interested in joining our effort, please contact us by using the form opposite. We will get back to you quickly.

We are asking for your email so we can keep you updated as to the bill’s status. Also, feel free to share your concerns or issues with your condo administration.

And we will never share your contact information with anyone else for any purpose.